Born on July, the12th 1950 in Paris
Married, three sons
Knight of the National Order of Merite
Knight of the Legion of Honor
Wife Annie GUTMANN : Former professor at Union des Arts Décoratifs
Family and couple therapist


Primary school: State school rue Charles Martel, Paris.
Secondary school: Lycée Turgot, Paris, scientific A-level.
Graduate of the Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris in Public Administration.
Université de Paris I, Public Law, Master.
Université de Paris I, Economic and Social Geography, D.E.S.S.
Université de Paris I, Political Science under the direction of Prof. Maurice Duverger, D.E.S.
Eligible to the École Nationale d’Administration.
Eligible to the Examination of Administrateur des services de l’Assemblée Nationale.


  • Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    Praxis International
    Conseillers de Synthèse – Advisers in leadership
    Company founded in 1989, the aim of this company is to provide managers with the resource of the Advisers in Leadership who accompany them through the transformation of their institution in relation to their economical and social sustainability. Thus, authority, leadership, creativity, decision processes are worked individually and collectively as well as their application in the field of management, transaction or strategy. Nearly half of its activitity is outside France. See below a more detailed presentation.
  • Since 1990, building-up of the Praxis International Network whose members come from Barcelona, Boston, Liege, Lima, London, Luxembourg, Mexico DF, Milano, New Orleans, New York, Paris, Port-of-Spain, Reggio Emilia, Stockholm, Tel Aviv and Washington D.C.
  • Executive Vice-President
    International Forum for Social Innovation
    A non-profit association. Two thirds of its activity are outside France. See below a more detailed presentation (since 1980).
  • Société Internationale des Conseillers de Synthèse (1975 – 1989)- Managing Director and Member of the Board of Directors.
    - Delegate of the Groupe International d’Entreprises pour la Réflexion et l’Expérimentation Sociales (1978 – 1983).

I.A.G.P. (International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes)

  • President of the International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes since July 2012.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes since 1998.
  • Past-President of the Organizational Consultancy Section (IAGP).
  • Chair of the Governance and By-Laws Committee, since 2003.


  • French Ski instructor.
  • Initiator and in charge of several university or local film clubs.
  • In charge of audio-visual courses and interventions (cinema and video).
  • Movie assistant director.